Coping with MCS


Because of a heavy metall toxification in 2012, I have developed a rare illness called MCS (Multiple Chemilcal Sensitivity).  MCS is somewhat difficult to explain, but a way how many people can better relate to it is by comparing it to having high fever, just that I get in that physical condition each time I am exposed to the smalles amounts of chemicals, from things like a banana peal, a shirt or a newspaper.

With that condition everydaylife has become a real challange for us.. In fact, during the last years we lost nearly everything of value to us, because of it, wheter it be our home, our car, my job or some friends.

After over 5 years I have finally been blessed with finding some treatments that actually do help, but unforuntaly I have to pay all of it by myself, which is between 200 - 300 € each month.

I am extremely blessed with having been able to find a work I can do from "home", so that we do have some income, but the income does not suffice for all the epanses we currently have.  To help me achieve  a better, physical condition, I started this campaign. 

Please know that money is not the only way how you can support me, there are many ways in which people helped us in the past, and so we want you to know that we are gratefull for every kind of support.

Best wishes